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We always ensure that our customer satisfaction is on Top priority and develop problem-solving products to meet industry standards and make people’s life much easier.

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While having 30 years of experience and passion for easing people’s life, we have developed over 75+ Products and manufactured them in India to reach our customers with industry-standard quality.

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How its Made?

The Stator Shop

State-of-the-art winding process using CNC programmed winding machines. Compact & layered coll. We use Hi-tech microprocessor-based testing equipment to ensure the long life of motor winding

The Machine Shop

At the CNC machine centre, double-ended specially tooled-up for motor end cover rotors. With High precision & consistency in the machine, the system ensures zero defect and Online gauging with an automaton for monitoring SPC.

The Assembly Line

Conveyorised motor & blade assembly line ensure single piece flow & consistently high productivity. Each stage of assembly is equipped with the latest technology machines & mechanisms.

The Paint Shop

A fully integrated state of art pre-treatment system & Painting system. The PLC controlled the time cycle for transporter movement during the pre-treatment process in each tank. CNG-operated ovens for baking ensure high heat transfer efficiency & pollution-free environment.

The Test & Quality Control

Latest technology testing equipment & Systems are used in process quality assurance. Modern testing facilities for motor & blade verification before packing. Internal product audit system at each stage of manufacturing to enhance customer delight.

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